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Chameleon is an HTML/XML template engine for Python.

Cheetah is an open source template engine and code-generation tool written in Python.

Diazo allows you to apply a theme contained in a static HTML web page to a  dynamicwebsite createdusing any server-side technology. With Diazo,

Evoque is a lightweight full-featured generic text templating engine for python withsandbox-ability, versatility and simplicity as key feature priorities.

Genshi is a Python library that provides an integrated set of components for parsing, generating, and processing HTML, XML or other textual content for output generation on the web.

Juno is a web framework that was designed to make development as fast as possible.

Myghty's primary feature is it's Python Server Page (PSP) system. Individual templates are generated into pure Python modules which become the method of serving the content. Myghty creates real Python modules from templates, which are regular .py files with corresponding .pyc bytecode files. These modules can also be generated in memory only , if desired.

pyratemp is a small, simple and powerful template-engine for python.

Pystache is a Python implementation of Mustache. Mustache is a framework-agnostic, logic-free templating system inspired by ctemplate and et. 

Published @ Jan 2020